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Festival city

Sopot is a place where every year many tourists arrive. It is popular with tourists becouse every summer there is organized Sopot Top Trendy Festiwal. This festival is very popular in Poland and many people arrive there to listen to good music, relax and have fun. However, Sopot is also very famous for beautiful beaches and sea waterfronts where holiday makers stroll and spend their holidays.

Sopot is a place which is located in the north of Poland and it is not far from the sea. These days we can't imagine that Sopot has not always been a city but it is true. At the beginning Sopot was a settlement. After many years through economic development Sopot became a city. There are many various things which you must see. For example there is the longest pier in Europe. Apart from the pier we want to recommend spa and beautiful views. It is so wonderful place! You just can't afford not to go there.