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Jacek Malczewski

Jacek Malczewski was born 15 July 1854. He was one of the most famous painters of Polish Symbolism. He married Maria Gralewska. He had two children: Julia of Malczewskich Meyznerowa, Rafał Malczewski. He worked in Matejko workshop. He travelled many times. He was in Italy, Podolia, Lviv, Vienna. He started the school for poor children in Luslawice.

He was a gorgeous painter of Poland. He painted a lot of self-portraits. The most famous self-portrait are: „Self-Portrait in a white dress”, „Self-portrait in armor”, „Autoportret z hiacyntem”, „Self-Portrait in Yakutia cap”. Another famous picture are „Christmas Eve in Siberia”, „Vicious circle”, „Poisoned Well”, „Out of the Studio”. Most of his pictures are in Gallery of Art in Lviv.

In homage to the painter the Polish Ocean Lines gave the new ship name of „Jacek Malczewski”.

Autoportret z paletą