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Warsaw Uprising

It was the biggest battle between Polish Army and German occupant during The World War II. Poland had been occupied by the forces of Nazi Germany for almost five years. It was July 1944. Polish Underground State (also known as the Polish Secret State), the secret forces of Poland decided to attack German occupant. The uprising began on 1 August 1944. It lasted to October 1944, 63 days. The Warsaw Uprising, led by General Tadeusz 'Bor' Komorowski, failed for a variety of reasons.

General Komorowski had decided that the uprising would start at 05.00 on August 1st. He had about 40 000 soldiers at his disposal but only 2 500 had weapons. They faced a German force in the city that numbered 15 000 men. Unlike the Polish Army, the Germans had tanks, planes and artillery at their disposal. Not only soldiers were fighting in the uprising. Many civils died in the battle, also children. All those who fought for their freedom in the Warsaw Uprising, are real heroes. Over 200 thousands of people died in the Warsaw Uprising, the most heroic and tragic 63-day struggle to liberate Warsaw from occupation. There is a monument in Warsaw, dedicated to all heroes, who died for freedom.