Comenius Parthnership

Report Yourself - Young European Journalists


  1. When you commit a crime you must go to this office.
  2. When for example your house burn you should call for them.
  3. When you are very ill you will be there sooner or later.
  4. Five days a week you must go to it at eight o’ clock and you must write a test.
  5. Every person should cross the street through it.
  6. In this house you can see plastic exhibition, theatre plays and see famous person from time to time.
  7. There is a beautiful buildings near the church where you can check time on it.
  8. When you want to read a book you go there and borrow it.
  9. When you have runny nose and high body temperature you go there.
  10. When you go to another country, expect country where you live you go there because you need money, which you can pay in this country.
  11. When you have something which you want tall to mayor of city you go there.
  12. You go there every Sunday in Christianity Religion. In Islam it'’s mosque. In Judaism this place is synagogue.
  13. In this place there are many trees, many beautiful flowers, river.
  14. You go there when you want to buy something and you can buy many things in one place.
  15. There are different kinds of these buildings in the 3 May Street, for example selling flowers, shoes etc.
  16. You can keep fir, burn fat there. At this point you use: frog style, crawl style and dolphin style.
  17. You go there when you need to buy some vegetables for example cucumbers, carrots.