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Polish Kings

Here we present the most influential Polish kings.

Władysław Łokietek - Wladislav the Elbow

He became the king in 1320. Władysław Łokietek united all of Poland into one country. He fought with the Teutonic Order - one of the biggest enemy of Poland in 14th century. His name is connected with the fact that he was very short and elbow was in the past the measurement.

Kazimierz Wielki

One of the best kings in the history of Poland. The king strengthen our country and formed an Alliance with Lithuania and Hungary. He wanted good relationship with neighbours and he believed in science and education. He set up the first university in Cracow in 1364.

We say about him that "he found Poland built in wood and left it brick".

Władysław Jagiełło

Prince of Lithuania. He was crowned In 1386. He founded dynasty of Jagiellonians. Władysław Jagiełło had to fight with his brothers and his uncle for the throne.

Jan III Sobieski

He became a king in 1674. He won the battle of Vienna with Turkish army and stopped in this way the power of Otoman Empire. When Kara Mustafa, the commander of the Turkish army attacked the Polish soldiers, they attacked back with the special army called "hussary" - soldiers on horseback with feathers attached to the uniform. This type of army was very powerful and scary. Poland won this fight.

Stanisław August Poniatowski

He was the last king of Poland - during his reign Poland was divided between Germany, Russia and Austria. Stanisław August Poniatowski was a patron of the arts. He organized Thursday's dinners where famous artists met and were talking about art. He ruled while all the three partitions of Poland took place. He was a good-willed king but his politics was not very successful as he dependent too much on Tsarina Katherina who wanted to invade Poland.