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Report Yourself - Young European Journalists


Proszowice is a small town in the southern part of Poland. It is situated in the region of Ma?polska. It is the capital of Proszowice County. The mayor of Proszowice is Jan Makowski. Our town is very beautiful and nice. There are amazing views, fantastic places, fresh air and wonderful nature here. People here are honest, generous, helpful and kind. Proszowice has a very interesting history. Many famous people used to lived here, for example:

You should arrive here in order to see wonderful buildings and places. There are a few restaurants in our city, a local park, a market, a community centre and a small music school. We described a few of them:

In Proszowice we have got a beautiful park where you can go for a walk every day.

We hope you got interested in our town - we tried to give you a picture of our region. Maybe it is not very spectacular but we love it as it is our hometown. To appreciate the place and the people here you must come to Proszowice. WELCOME!