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Polish superstitions

  1. Sprinkled salt

    If someone throws salt in your eye that person want to protect you from many misfortune, which are caused of split salt and that means the end of God's care and the end of meeting your family and friends. If you sprinkle salt you have to throw it over your left shoulder, three times a pinch of salt. Another belief says that if you throw a pinch of salt over your right shoulder, you won't have any trouble.

  2. Walking under ladder

    Polish people think that walking under a ladder leads to misery. Why? Well, people used to use ladders for help person, who wanted to die. They hung themselves. People avoid walking under a ladder - it means a risk of death. If an unmarried woman walks under it - it means that she'll never find a husband. Walking inder a ladder is a prediction of death.

  3. Broken mirror

    Long time ago our ancestors believer that the human soul lives in mirror. When the mirror was destroyed, the soul couldn't return to the body. Broken mirror was cleanedwith eyes closed, because review in it has given illness or death. Now people believe in seven years of bad luck. Some people think that's a truth, but others totally don't care. And what do you believe?

  4. Throwing coins

    When you are in interesting place for example Eiffle Tower, the legend says that if you throw coin over your left shoulder, you'll come back to this place. Lots of coins are throwed to fountains in many different places.