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Wit Stwosz

He was born in 1448 in Horb am Neckar, near Stuttgart. He died in 1533 in Norymberd. He was a German sculptor, printmaker and painter, one of the most eminent representatives of the late Gothic in sculpture. His strongest point was obviously sculpture.

Early years of Veit Stoss are still a big mystery for present historians. He has very individual style, which was inspired by the work of Nicholas of Leyden. In fact, the first confirmed in sources mention comes only from the year 1477, when he came to Krakow. He had to made an altar in St. Mary's Church. He also renounced German citizenship.

His most famous sculpture is altar in the church of St. Mary's. This is the most precious gothic monument in St. Mary's Church in Kraków. The altar was built between the years 1477 – 1489. The altar cost 2808 florins and it was as much as the full-year budget of Krakow. In 1496 Wit Stwosz left Kraków forever. You must remember the altar from your visit to the Church when you visited Poland.

Ołtarz Bamberski

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Wit Stwosz (by Jan Matejko)