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Legend about the Beginning of the Polish Country

Long time ago Slavic tribes lived in distant lands. These were very good times with many fish in the rivers and animals in forests. Unfortunately good times finished and the people began to run out of fish and corn. Then three brothers Lech Czech and Rus began to think what they can do.

They came to conclusion that they would have to move out of this area and the next day they went on a long trip.

The road was hard. Rus said that his people were tired and they would stay in this area it was the east of today's Europe.

Two brothers said good bye to Rus and went on. After several days they arrived to the south of the Tatra mountains and Czech said to his brother that they would stay there. Lech and his people went further. They went for several days and Lech saw a big eagle at the red sunset and he said this area is the best for living and they stayed there.

On this area they built a village in the shape of the nest and they called this Gniezno. White eagle on red background was the emblem of his country - Lechistan. Later it got name Poland from the name of one of the tribes - Polans.

The date when the Polish country was established is 966.

The real first lord of Poland was Mieszko the First who was baptised and made Poland a Christian country.

In the Middle Ages Poland was one of the most powerful countries in Europe, stretching in the wide lands.