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Interview with Henryk Pomykalski

As director of the School in Piotrkowice Małe you had contact with young people. What do you think, about youth to be more interested in history of our small homeland?

To our young people can further delve into the history of our city, lessons should contain more information about our region and not the date and unnecessary rules which are in memory only for a short time. The only barrier for students is the teaching of foreign languages and habits.

Proszowice have a very interesting position. There are quite a clean city with a beautiful church and other equally interesting monuments. However, the lack of interest among the people of this place. What do you think it would be good to change, and what to invest in order to attract more tourists Proszowice?

I think we should pay more attention to the history of our town and not only on contemporary politics, so we should focus our attention on the City Centre which is the market. Can be expanded so that it became a meeting place for young children and even adults. Because you need to invest in what is already a solid foundation.

Could you tell us how our city has changed in the space of 50 years. What's new and what was built was destroyed ?

Our city has been 652 years. Authorizing the city municipal rights is not just a piece of parchment, but the unfolding of the document is Proszowice enough to become an independent city and independent Polish corner. Our city was built in the style of Magdeburg means they are losing a major market and from the side streets. The market also has a wooden hall but was demolished due to poor.

As a person who knows very well the history of our town you probably know what famous people come from Proszowice or maybe you describe them? What we were interested in what the profession?

One of the most important and famous people was Father Joseph Pawlowski. Born in Proszowice came from a large family. He studied at the Catholic University of Innsbruck, where he earned a degree of Doctor of Theology solicited for financial support for poor seminarians. Especially concerned for the sick, bought their own money for medications, and weak physically.

How do you think, education in the school gymnasium should be like?

I am a fan of that was more science despite the fact that I am a humanist. This is something that distinguishes us in Europe. Little is said who he was Banach, who was a Polish elite scientists. It is also an important foreign language especially English which is an international language. Young people should learn it to find good work, knowledge and achieve something in your life.

What forms of leisure activities are in your opinion, best suited for today's youth, and how you would try to propagate them?

Singing, dancing, music is the most important skills to develop the power of our youth. There is a club where many young people can develop their hidden talents. The second basic form of leisure is a game of volleyball and swimming. Therefore, in our city is building a swimming pool.