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Saint Andrew's Day

Saint Andrew's Day is every year in 30th November. This day friends meet at evening to foretell. This are very different customs. For example the most popular fun is omen with shoes. It based on that everyone who takes part in the play takes off the right shoe and put one against another. The person whose shoe first passes the door the first, will get married.

Another one is omen with plates. We prepare four plates.Under plates we put: a cross (a symbol of religious life), a coin (a sign of richness), a ring (a symbol of an early marriage). The last plate remains empty, the person who choose it, won't get married.

The next play is omen with wax. Hot wax through the eye of the old key in a bowl of cold water. When wax hards, it takes various forms. These shapes we light for so that it became a shadow on the wall. The shape of the wax may reveal who will be our partner in the future.

One of the play which we know is omen with apples. Everyone gets an apple. All takes the knife and strip off so that peels are the longest. Then they throw peels right hand behind him. The letter which reminds thrown peel, is the first letter of the name of future lover.

This day is a special ocassion to organize the last dances before beginning Advent, a period in which we are looking forward to the coming of Christmas.