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Poland after World War II

After World War II Poland was ruled by Communists. The Soviet Government imposed political system in many countries in eastern Europe treating us like their colonies. In 1945, there was the Yalta Conference. It was the meeting of the three anti-Nazi empires: USA president - Franklin Delan Roosevelt, prime minister of Great Britain - Winston Churchill and the leader of USSR - Joseph Stalin (Big Three). There, they took many important decisions about Europe (including Poland) after World War II. Also there, Provisional Government of the Republic of Poland was created. During the Yalta Conference great empires decided about a important things but they didn't care about smaller countries and in this way they were responsible for a new shape of post-war world.

In the end of World War II, in 1945 borders of Poland weren't marked out actually. The formal West and North border was recognized in 1990. We got so-called "Recovered Territories". The rationale for the term "Recovered" was that these territories had been part of the Polish state at various times in history, mostly during the rule of the medieval Piast dynasty. The post-war border between Germany and Poland goes along the Oder and the Lusatian Neisse. We obtained grounds in the West and the North. By agreement in 1945 between Provisional Government of the Republic of Poland and Moscow, Poland lost about 78 000km2.

Country after World War II was entirely destroyed, many towns didn't exist, a huge losses in the civil population and in the State Treasury. New communist slavery have made start of liberation movements. Poles tried to repair Poland on their own. There was "Marshall Plan" - American program helped Europe to repair after WW2, but Polish communists didn't take it. In 1945 industry and agriculture become the state properties but they couldn't be controlled well. Effects of these bad decision were rebellions and workers strikes. In shops there was nothing or you had to bought certain amount of something. Government has treated Poland like factory, they have sent stocks and retrieved finished products, that leaded to crisis and economic disaster. In the period of time from December 13, 1981 to July 22, 1983 Wojciech Jaruzelski implemented martial law. The worst effects of the martial law were: killed people, serious crisis and hyperinflation. Great popularity gained Solidarity - Polish trade union and the leader - Lech Wałęsa. Date: July 4 1989 considered to be the end of communistic regime.