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The most beautiful castle in Poland

The castle was founded in 1274 and it is built in Gothic style. First, the castle was the capital of Knights Order of the Hospital of Our Lady of the German House. Since September 14, 1309 to 1457 the castle in Malbork was the seat of the Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights, a monastic state capital city. It consists of a low castle, middle and high castle. First there was a small castle but later it became a very high castle. Nowadays it is the largest castle in Poland and surviving groups of Gothic architecture in the world. The original name of the castle used by the Teutonic Knights sounded Marienburg, which meant a castle of Mary.

We want to recommend this castle because you can see the most beautiful amber hall, knight's hall. Also you can see the sword and armor of that knight and many other interesting places in this castle.