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The Golden Age of Poland

In 16th century when Zygmunt Stary and his son Zygmunt August ruled in Poland, our nation was strong and powerful. During these times Poland became the largest kingdom of Europe. We had huge army which was able to protect our country against enemies, our economy and culture developed very quickly and in those times we didn't wage any wars. That's why this period of time is called "The golden age".

The 16th century is time when all over the world the renaissance was born, also in Poland. In those times many beautiful buildings and castles were built in Poland. For example: Wawel Royal Castle, Sigismund Chapel or Zamoœć (wonderful renaissance city). Apart from that many talented poets, writers and artists wrote in those times. The best known are: Jan Kochanowski, Mikołaj Rej and Andrzej Frycz.

When we think about renaissance the first thought that's on our mind is Mikołaj Kopernik. He was the most talented scientist in renaissance times. He created "Heliocentric Theory" (The Earth goes around the Sun). Renaissance is the best time in our long history and we wish we lived like our predecessors in those times.